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Anti-Slip / Grip Tapes

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Here's something to think about - without us over-egging it!

The chances are if an employee or a visitor to your site slips and 'injures' themselves, you'd have to say there's a pretty good chance they'll be picking up the phone or going online to find a claims management firm to help them win some compensation.

However, Health & Safety Executive (HSE) statistics show slips, trips and falls accounting for about 1 in 3 accidents in the workplace, so there is room for improvement. Enough said. I said we wouldn't over-egg it.

Instead, we will concentrate on presenting a range of simple and cost-effective anti-slip solutions to help you reduce slip and trip hazards within your workplace. A few simple measures and a small investment in the right products (and some common sense) could prevent injury and loss from slipping head-first in your direction.

If you're looking for anti-slip or grip tapes, you're in safe hands (or feet if you prefer). We reckon we've got the choice, value and product performance you can rely on, but feel free to request a sample or ask for a quote if you're looking to order in quantities above our published discount breaks.

Talk to us for advice about specific applications too.

The correct applications of our anti-slip tapes will extend their service-life and ensure you get even more value when you choose from our range. As my dad still tells me today, measure twice and cut once! It's that kind of attitude which means you won't find any poor quality substitutes masquerading as the real deal on our site.

So buy with confidence, benefit in the long-run and fire-away if you have any questions.

Heavy Duty (Extra Coarse) Anti-Slip Tapes

Our entire range of TALON™ Anti-Slip Tapes and Treads share the same high performance adhesive technology, but our 25mm, 50mm, 100mm and 150mm non-slip tapes are available with a choice of two silicon carbide grit systems.

Our medium-grit profile has been designed for most general purpose applications and can be used both indoors and out.

TALON Anti-slip Tapes & TreadsA visibly coarse grade is available for the most extreme environments where slip risks are greater. Our Heavy Duty Premium Grade Anti-Slip Tape is resistant to oil, diesel fuel, detergents and solvents and provides consistent and long-lasting ‘high slip resistance’ in the most demanding environments.

Tapes and Treads should be applied to clean, dry and flat surfaces. Dusty, soiled and porous surfaces should be cleaned and prepared with anti-slip floor primer to ensure the best adhesion and ultimately product longevity. Edge sealer is also recommended for the best results.