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Firechief Fire Extinguishers

SafetyBuyer will always be a hyperbole free-zone, but you should know we always do a fantastically thorough job on our homework and our Fire Extinguisher proposition is no exception.


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34 Item(s)

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Fire Extinguishers with superior fire ratings

We’ve covered all the bases for portable fire extinguishers; in the right sizes & choice of finishes you need. But we haven’t over-done it.

You’d be surprised how many manufacturers / brands there are to choose from and the temptation to include theirs, some of these and a few of those, is too much for some. Not us.

We’re standing behind the ‘fire fighter’s friend’ Fire Chief.

They’re not the cheapest, nor are they anywhere near approaching top dollar.

"They combine excellent value with superior fire fighting capability."

For example our Water Additive Extinguishers are over 4kg lighter and will extinguish 30% larger fires than so called ‘economy extinguishers’.

Our simple message is to include the fire extinguisher rating into your considerations about additional protection and better value. Continue surfing or continue to our product pages for clearly specified, competitively priced fire extinguishers.

There’s a quick download on Fire Extinguisher Ratings if you’ve got a few mins to spare.

Now go to your corners and come out (fire) fighting. Who you gonna back?

SafetyBuyer says FIRECHIEF