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COSHH & Spill Control Solutions 

Our comprehensive spill control range is backed with professional support you can easily call on and always count on! 


  1. Metal Storage Cabinets


  2. Spill Pallets & Drip Trays


  3. Absorbents


  4. Plant Nappy


  5. Spill Response Kits


  6. Polyethylene Cabinets & Bins


  7. Refills for Spill Response Kits


  8. Absorbent Dispensing Stations


  9. Drum Trolleys & Stacking Units


  10. Workstation Flooring


  11. Drain Covers & Protection


  12. Spill Control Signs


  13. Dirteeze Industrial Wipes


  14. GHS Labels


As an ecospill distributor partner, SafetyBuyer.com is an easy place to do 'spill control' business. Access some of the most innovative and environmentally sustainable spill care products on the market and tap into a wealth of industry experience, technical support and added-value services. 

“One call can sort it all” - sums up our approach and we’re ready to answer your questions, give some guidance and help with long-term planning and compliance. 


Our range of high performance synthetic and melt-blown absorbent products is all made from recycled and environmentally friendly materials. 

The maintenance absorbent rolls provide a universal solution to workplace leaks and spills, and are durable enough to withstand moderate foot traffic and strong enough for wiping down sharp tools and equipment. Whilst the maintenance absorbent socks offer a quick solution to spillages before cleaning up, and are ideal for absorbing leaks around machine bases, keeping work areas clean and safe. 

"clearly presented choices for better informed purchasing decisions". 

Spill Response Kits 

We stock spill response kits in a variety of sizes to ensure a professional response to spills and accidents in the workplace. Each of our kits are stocked with high quality absorbent materials so you are prepared for any spill eventualities, and are stored in portable containers to provide a fast, mobile spill response across your site. 

We also offer refill kits so you can ensure your spill control solutions are consistently replenished. 

Storage and Containment 

Storing your spill control solutions in the right place is extremely important when it comes to effective spill management. It allows employees to know where to find the products so they can quickly and effectively deal with spills and leaks. 

COSHH Cabinets, Drum Pallets, IBCs, Drip Trays, Dispensing Stations and many more solutions are all designed to help keep your site and employees safe and spill-free. 

Spill Response Training

Having the right kit is just part of being spill-prepared™. It is also important to make sure your team understands how to use it so they can respond to spills and leaks in the most effective way. Our certified training packages give employees the essential training and confidence for effective spill management and legal compliance. 

To find out more about what training courses we offer, take a look at our Spill Training and Site Surveys page. 

Site Surveys

It is crucial you check for any non-compliance in your fluid management system, we offer free, no obligation site surveys to provide you with a professional written report and clear recommendations on how you can comply with current regulations. Call us today on 0161 368 4912 to arrange your survey and make sure your business is spill-prepared™. 

We’d like to understand your individual needs better and become a better supplier who can help guide your organisation or business through the complexities of spill regulations. Let's work together. 

Be spill-prepared™ with SafetyBuyer and ecospill

Let SafetyBuyer.com help your business avoid the pitfalls that can lead to damaged reputations, fines and the aftermath of a toxic or harmful spill. Order online today or call us on 0800 043 0161 to discuss your Spill Control requirements. Alternatively, you can drop us an email and one of our experienced team members will be in touch.