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Ecospill Absorbents


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Maintenance, Oil only or Chemical Absorbents

Which type of absorbent product do I need? 

Maintenance or 'Universal' Absorbents 

The rule of thumb is to use maintenance absorbents indoors to absorb and retain both oil and water-based substances, such as coolants, solvents, hydraulic oil, cooking oils and foodstuffs. Maintenance absorbents are available in a comprehensive range of formats and sizes and distinguished from other absorbents by their grey colour. 

Oil-only Absorbents 

Oil-only absorbents are 'hydrophobic' and will not absorb a single drop of water! This makes them ideal for absorbing and retaining oil spillages and is particularly effective outdoors. Hydrophobic absorbents will float on water, even when fully saturated with oil allowing easy pick up and disposal. Oil-only absorbents can be identified by their white colour. 

Chemical Absorbents 

Chemical absorbents are bright yellow in colour to provide a clear visual warning when aggressive fluids such as acids, caustics or unknown substances need to be cleaned up. Chemical spills can be extremely hazardous and should not be cleaned up without appropriate training and selection of the correct personal protective equipment (PPE).  

Not all absorbents are the same and we've worked hard to hopefully explain the new and different technologies, applications and performance parameters available to meet your specific requirements. 

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