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40 fatalities, 15,000 major injuries and 30,000 workers having to take more than 3 days off work

HSE website

You’ve might have seen these grim statistics before as the HSE has previously targeted safety campaigns at sectors with the highest numbers of slips, trips and falls, including health & social care, education, food manufacturing, food retail, catering &  hospitality, building and plant maintenance, and construction.

In our Floor Safety section you’ll find a range of common sense, low-cost and easy-to-deploy solutions that can help your organisation prevent another statistic and another shattered life being added to the long list that’s gone before.

Our Super-Dry Entrance Mats have been dubbed ‘slurp machines’ for the long-lasting service they provide  to keep building entrances clean, dry and safe. Available in a choice of sizes and colours - starting at just £34.

If you’re looking to increase levels of underfoot grip on ramps, steps, walkways and entrances then our comprehensive range of TALON™ Anti-Slip Tapes and Treads delivers exceptional performance and value. Our best-selling anti-slip tape is available from stock for next day delivery as low as £15.95 per roll.

Equip work areas with our spill response kits to enable your employees to quickly clean up spills and keep themselves and others safe.

What’s on your feet? Visit our PPE section for safety shoes and boots with slip resistance testing to EN13287.

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