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Hazardous Substance Storage Cabinets

You’ve completed a risk assessment for substances hazardous to health on-site and found that you need to buy a COSHH / Flammable Cabinet. You head to the internet to buy something that’s readily available, from a reputable store and priced competitively – after all, that’s the power of the internet, right?

Not so fast. Your Google search will return a plethora of results, but these hazardous storage cabinets are NOT all the same, so please read on.

Watch our video to find the right hazardous storage cabinet for you

We encourage you to watch this video on hazardous cabinets to help you to visualise the various types of storage cabinets for substances hazardous to health and understand how they differ from each other.

If we can highlight just one important feature of these types of hazardous storage cabinets, it would be the cabinet base or sump. When shopping for a product of this type, we would encourage you to take a closer look at this detail.

Our best-selling 6ft tall Cabtek Cabinets are made here in the UK and feature fully welded, leak-proof sumps with a 50-litre capacity. For value for money and peace of mind, you’re in the right place with SafetyBuyer and Cabtek.

If your workplace requires yellow hazardous substance storage cabinets for the safety of your staff, SafetyBuyer has you covered. We sell a range of durable storage cabinets suitable for hazardous and flammable substances, delivering protection, value and peace of mind.

Browse our complete range of hazardous substance storage cabinets below. To find out more about our range of cabinets, download our PDF guide.

If you have any questions, call us for free on 0800 043 0161, or email us at sales@safetybuyer.com.

Floor Standing Storage Cabinets
Floor Standing Storage Cabinets
24 Items
24 Items

What to look out for in hazardous storage cabinets

Simply put, if the base of the cabinet isn’t fully leak-proof, then an accidental spillage inside the cabinet is at risk of ending up on your workshop floor. This could be a health and safety hazard, so you should take due diligence in choosing a cabinet that works for your workspace. Cabinets are usually described as having a ‘sump capacity’, which is the amount of liquid it should safely retain in its base in the event of a spill.

In the event that a shelf is overloaded or that a poorly-sealed container of substances hazardous to health is put away in the cabinet, a spillage can occur inside. COSHH cabinets differ in specifications and importantly, in their ability to control the spillage of hazardous substances. Not all cabinets have fully sealed interiors, safely containing any hazardous substances that could leak or spill inside - many have removable sumps to catch spills, but these can allow dangerous liquids to escape the cabinet or pose a risk of liquids being spilled over an employee who may be tempted to remove a part-filled sump.

Our video shows you some of the different designs you can find online and will help you decide which model of cabinet will best satisfy the needs of your risk assessment and application.

With so many similar-looking cabinets available online and even more businesses recognising the need for COSHH-compliant cabinet, our aim is to encourage buyers to look more closely at the advertised descriptions, select the right cabinet and then inspect the product on delivery to make sure it will do what it’s supposed to do.

Why you should do your research on hazardous substance storage

Having the right hazardous substance storage cabinet can help reduce the risk of accidents when working with dangerous materials, and minimise risks to worker health if there is ever a spill or leak in the workplace. It can also help improve safety compliance by ensuring all workers know where hazardous substances are located at all times. Finally, having an appropriate storage cabinet gives the peace of mind that comes with knowing your workplace has taken the right steps to ensure everyone’s health and safety while working with potentially hazardous substances.

Manufactured in the UK, our hazardous and flammable substance storage cabinets are suitable for a wide range of potentially volatile materials. They are also built to last, and will help your company to stay compliant with health and safety regulations for years to come.

What are the benefits of hazardous storage cabinets?

If your workplace regularly makes use of hazardous or flammable materials, you have an important legal responsibility to store these substances safely and appropriately. This means investing in storage solutions for your business that are up to this challenging task.

At SafetyBuyer, our UK-manufactured hazardous substance cabinets are built to deliver the very best quality, durability and reliability for your workplace, while also being cost-effective and fully compliant with all relevant standards.

Here are just a few of the benefits our cabinets can provide:

  • Manufactured using 0.9mm and 1.2mm mild steel, delivering clear advantages in terms of product performance and longevity
  • High melting point (above 750°C), with a 30-minute fire-resisting performance that conforms to the BS476 (Parts 20 & 22) standard
  • Fully compliant with the Flammable Liquids & LPG Regulation 1972, HSG51 and DSEAR
  • All joints and seams are fully welded - not simply folded - and finished with a high-grade epoxy-polyester powder coating process for excellent durability
  • Sealed shelves are adjustable in 25mm increments and designed to act as spill trays for minor spillages

Simply put, our range of hazardous substance cabinets offers impressive value, without compromising on product quality or safety compliance. You can find out more about the benefits of these cabinets by downloading our PDF guide, or checking out our video.

To find the right product for your needs, filter your search by size and type above, and buy with confidence. If you have any questions about these products, give us a call for free on 0800 043 0161, or drop us an email at sales@safetybuyer.com.

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