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Customer Feedback

It’s not rocket science, but here’s what we're always aiming to do for you.

  • To be really easy people to do business with
  • Deliver the product quality you expect
  • Provide competitive pricing without gimmicks
  • Be responsive
  • Provide high levels of overall satisfaction

We’ve been a little reluctant about asking for feedback on a routine or transactional basis, and here’s why…

  • It’s our responsibility to know what kind of job we’re doing
  • Our daily dealings & honest self-appraisal gives us many opportunities to stay sharp
  • Feedback feels better when it’s given spontaneously
  • Multiple requests for feedback is a big switch-off
  • There’s justifiable doubt about how genuine online feedback can be

Having said that, providing potential new customers with genuine feedback from previous customers must be considered a good thing? It’s just a question of how to go about it. Our team also strive to give their best everyday, so getting some positive recognition from individual customers is quite a powerful dynamic within our business.

We've hooked up with Trustpilot to make it easier for you to leave some feedback if you wish and for us to repond to any praise or criticism in an open and public way.

Treating people in the right way and rolling our sleeves up to look after our customers is in the DNA of our business; And so, whether you leave feedback or not, it's more important that we encourage you to contact us however you choose if there is any aspect of our service you want to comment on or discuss in person.

Thanks for your custom and for reading through our feedback information.

Kevin Rowe
Managing Director
DDI 0161 669 7114