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Safety Signs

Safety Signs

Safety signs to ISO 7010

Following the adoption of ISO 7010 in 2011 within the UK, SafetyBuyer is pleased to tell you that all our safety signs comply to this latest Standard. You can be 100% confident that you will only receive safety signs that meet the very latest legislation and best practice guidelines when you order from our website.


  1. Fire Exit Signs


  2. Disabled Escape Signs


  3. Emergency Escape Signs


  4. Assembly Point Signs


  5. Fire Door Signs


  6. Fire Action Notices


  7. Fire Extinguisher Signs


  8. Fire Equipment Signs


  9. Glow Tapes & Floor Markers


  10. Prohibition Safety Signs


  11. Warning Safety Signs


  12. PPE Safety Signs


  13. Mandatory Safety Signs


  14. Multi Message Signs


  15. Construction Safety


  16. First Aid Signs


  17. Safe Condition Signs


  18. Flammable Petroleum Signs


  19. CCTV & Security Signs


  20. Asbestos Safety Signs


  21. Catering Safety Signs


  22. More Signs


  23. Wallcharts & Pocket Guides


  24. Pipeline Identification


  25. School Road Signs


Safety Signs

ISO 7010

ISO 7010 specifies a range of safety symbols (aka pictograms) that should be displayed on commonly used safety signs. The main aim of the 'Standard' is to ensure symbols with the highest comprehension scores are used across the EU, regardless of any accompanying text. In practice this has meant incorporating new symbols into our safety sign range and updating our stock to ensure we supply up-to-date solutions for safety buyers.

There are some symbols that are yet to be adopted into ISO 7010 - therefore, we will continue to use symbols with proven comprehension levels under BS 5499.

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