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Customisable Site Health & Safety Information Boards

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Installing a dedicated health & safety information board can provide your workforce with a one-stop reference point for everything they need to know about operating safely within their workplace. At SafetyBuyer, you can order or create a high-quality site safety board that can be specifically customised to the specific needs of your business.

Our quality, safety, health & environmental site information boards are made using tough, durable materials, and can be tailored to include the information, brand messages and design elements of your choosing. Whether you’re looking for an unbranded notice board or a highly specialised bespoke design, you can always rely on fair, competitive pricing and a smooth customer service experience when you work with SafetyBuyer.

Have a look through our complete range of custom safety board options below. For more information, call us for free on 0800 043 0161, or email us at sales@safetybuyer.com.


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If your business employs even one member of staff, it is a legal requirement to display a Health and Safety Executive (HSE) poster explaining British health and safety laws and requirements. If your employees require additional information to do their jobs safely, creating a custom site safety board can be a great way of providing this.

SafetyBuyer’s custom notice boards incorporate the standard Health & Safety Law Poster, alongside extra safety information relating to specific site policies. Key features include:

  • High-quality, durable Correx plastic build with wipe-clean surface
  • Larger boards are hinged, allowing them to fold in half for easier transportation and storage
  • All symbols conform to ISO 7010, where applicable

As well as off-the-shelf unbranded options for next-day delivery, we can provide a full range of customisation options for our site safety boards. This means you can add your logo or make simple edits to a pre-existing template, or provide us a rough sketch of an entirely original design, and we'll promptly create a proof and quote for you. Your board could include:

  • Personalised branding and logos
  • Information on company and site-specific health and safety policies
  • Document holders to add and display additional information and checklists
  • Spaces for built-in safety kits and equipment, including first aid kits, eye wash kits and site alarm systems

Presenting key safety information and policies in this professional way will enhance your company image, support your safety ethos and values, and ensure that all employees and visitors can make themselves fully aware of site rules and procedures at a glance.

To find out more about our customisable site health & safety information boards, give us a call for free on 0800 043 0161, drop us an email at sales@safetybuyer.com, or ring our managing director Kevin Rowe directly on 0161 669 7114.