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CoSHH Cabinets

Cabtek Compliant Cabinets Since 1993

If your business stores or handles hazardous substances, you must have adequate storage facilities in place. Our range of robust COSHH cabinets not only help you to comply with these regulations, but also provide an effective means of organising hazardous materials, preventing uncontrolled release, and reducing the risk of workplace accidents.

Whether you're handling corrosive substances, flammable liquids, toxic materials, or irritants, it's vital that they are safely secured when not in use. Our high-quality cabinets are designed to meet the highest standards of safety and durability, catering to diverse industries and a variety of hazardous substances.

Take the first step towards a safer, more organised, and compliant workspace today. Browse our extensive range of COSHH cabinets, each offering a unique balance of practicality and security. If you require assistance in selecting the right solution for your needs, don't hesitate to reach out to us for expert advice, or take a look through the video below.

13 Items
13 Items

With so many similar-looking cabinets available online and even more businesses recognising the need for COSHH-compliant cabinets, our aim is to encourage buyers to look more closely at the advertised descriptions, select the right cabinet and then inspect the product on delivery to make sure it will do what it's supposed to do.

If we can highlight just one important feature of these types of hazardous storage cabinets, it would be the cabinet base or sump. When shopping for a product of this type, we would encourage you to take a closer look at this detail. Watch our video to find the right COSHH cabinet for your workplace.

If you're still browsing then our simple message is to dig a bit deeper into the product specifications of the different COSHH cabinets on your shortlist.

There are lots of choices online and we appreciate one grey metal cabinet can look like the next. But they're not all the same.

It might not sound like much, but our COSHH cabinets are made here in the UK using 1.2mm and 0.9mm mild steel. You might see 0.9mm and 0.7mm quoted in other specifications, but more often than not there'll be no mention at all.

Our tallest COSHH floor standing cabinet weighs in at 72kg and is a simple indicator of its robust construction and longevity. There's an attention to detail which sets our COSHH cabinets apart from flat-pack wannabes and lightweight imposters!

Here's a look at how they measure up.

COSHH Storage Cabinets

  • Our COSHH cabinets comply with all current standards and are built to last
  • They meet the performance requirements of DSEAR Approved Code of Practice
  • All COSHH cabinets & bins comply with HSG51 Storage of Flammable Liquids guidance
  • Seams and joints are fully welded throughout (not flat-pack produced and riveted like inferior products)
  • All joints at corners are free from openings or gaps
  • Doors are reinforced to prevent distortion and to withstand the knocks and bumps of regular use
  • Doors/lids are close-fitting to the frame, securely sealing the unit when in the closed position
  • Materials used provide a fire resistance of 30 minutes
  • All materials have a melting point greater than 750 degrees Celsius
  • All materials used in manufacture are in accordance with BS476 parts 20 and 22 to achieve a 30-minute fire-resisting structure

FAQs about COSHH Cabinets

What does COSHH stand for?

COSHH stands for Control of Substances Hazardous to Health. It refers to the UK’s regulations designed to control the risks posed by hazardous chemicals and substances to employees' health within the workplace.

What is a COSHH cabinet?

A COSHH cabinet is a specific type of storage cabinet designed to securely store hazardous substances in accordance with COSHH regulations. These cabinets are made to be robust, with secure locking mechanisms, and are clearly labelled to identify the risk associated with the stored substances. We also have a dedicated hazardous storage cabinets page, so you should watch our video above to find out which type of secure hazardous storage cupboards you need.

Why do I need a COSHH cabinet?

You need a COSHH cabinet to comply with COSHH regulations, and to safely store all hazardous chemicals and substances in your workplace. These cabinets prevent accidental spillages, limit exposure to harmful substances, and can prevent fires or explosions caused by improper storage.

What colour should a COSHH cabinet be?

COSHH cabinets are typically grey, indicating that they contain potentially hazardous or dangerous materials. However, other colours like red for flammable substances, blue for irritant or harmful substances, and yellow or white for corrosive substances are also used. Hazardous storage cabinets, on the other hand, are typically yellow.

What substances can be stored in a COSHH cabinet?

A wide range of potentially hazardous substances can be stored in a COSHH cabinet, including flammable liquids, corrosives, irritants, toxic materials, and substances harmful to the environment. Always check the product data sheet for each substance to ensure it's stored correctly.

What accessories should I consider when purchasing COSHH lockers?

Consider purchasing spill trays to manage accidental leaks, adjustable shelves for efficient storage, and extra keys for safe and secure storage but flexible access.

How should I maintain and clean my COSHH chemical cabinet?

Regularly inspect your COSHH cabinet for damage, leaks or spills. Clean spills immediately using appropriate protective equipment. Ensure the cabinet is kept clean and free from clutter.

How do COSHH cabinets help ensure workplace safety?

COSHH cabinets help by safely containing and storing hazardous materials and substances, reducing the risk of spills or exposure, and preventing unauthorised access. They are an important part of a comprehensive workplace safety plan.

What are the legal requirements for using COSHH cabinets?

In the UK, the COSHH regulations require that employers control substances that are hazardous to health and safety. This includes storing them safely, which can often mean using a COSHH cabinet. They also must be labelled correctly.

Are COSHH cabinets fire-resistant?

While not all COSHH or hazardous cabinets are fire-resistant, many are designed to withstand fires for a specified period. Always check the specific product details before purchase - view the video above to find the right COSHH or hazardous substance cabinets for you.

How do I determine the size of the COSHH cabinet I need?

The size of the COSHH cabinet you need depends on the quantity and type of substances you intend to store. Make sure there's enough space to store items without overcrowding and that the cabinet is suitable for the type of substances stored.

Can I use a regular storage cabinet instead of a COSHH cabinet?

Regular storage cabinets are not designed to safely store hazardous substances. They may not contain spills, resist fire or securely prevent unauthorised access. Using a COSHH cabinet is highly recommended for safety and compliance with regulations. Furthermore, hazardous chemical storage cabinets are not the same as COSHH cabinets, so you should head over to our dedicated hazardous storage cabinets page to find this range

How should I organise the contents within a COSHH cabinet?

Organise the contents in a way that prevents accidental spillage, avoids reactions between incompatible substances, and allows easy access in case of emergency. Check safety data sheets for specific storage instructions.

Are COSHH cabinets suitable for storing flammable substances?

Flammable or dangerous substances should generally be stored in a flammable storage cabinet, which is specifically designed to resist fire. Always check regulations and the manufacturer's guidelines.

Are there any specific ventilation requirements for COSHH cabinets?

Ventilation requirements depend on the specific substances stored. While some cabinets come with built-in vents, others may require external ventilation. Always check specific COSHH guidelines for each substance.

Are COSHH cabinets suitable for outdoor use?

Some COSHH cabinets are designed for outdoor use, with features like weatherproofing. Always check product specifications to ensure suitability for outdoor conditions

How often should COSHH cabinets be inspected or maintained?

As a best practice, inspect COSHH cabinets weekly for signs of leaks or damage. Regular maintenance, like cleaning and checking locking mechanisms, should be performed monthly

Can I lock a COSHH cabinet to restrict access?

Yes, COSHH cabinets come with locks to restrict access, which is crucial in ensuring that only authorised personnel have access to your chemical storage cabinet for hazardous substances.

Are there any regulations or guidelines for labelling COSHH cabinets?

Yes, COSHH regulations require that all hazardous material and substances be clearly labelled with their name, hazard symbol, and risk and safety phrases. Cabinets should also have a general hazard warning sign.

Can I modify a COSHH cabinet to better suit my needs?

Modifying a COSHH cabinet may compromise its integrity and safety features. Any modifications should only be made following consultation with the manufacturer or a safety professional.

How should I dispose of hazardous substances stored in a COSHH cabinet?

Hazardous substances should be disposed of in line with the specific health and safety regulations made for each substance, typically involving collection by a licensed waste disposal company. The substance's safety data sheet will provide specific disposal instructions.

Are COSHH cabinets suitable for storing compressed gases?

Compressed gases should be stored safely in a specially designed gas cylinder storage cage. Storing them in a COSHH cabinet could lead to dangerous pressure build-ups.

Can I purchase COSHH cabinets in custom sizes or configurations?

Many manufacturers offer custom sizes and configurations, but always ensure these meet COSHH regulations for safe storage of hazardous substances. Contact our team for tailored advice on finding the right storage for your needs.

Find the perfect cabinet for your hazardous materials

Choose from our comprehensive range of UK-manufactured COSHH storage cabinets with rapid delivery across the UK. If you're looking for custom sizes, we can help with that too and manufacture COSHH cabinets to meet your specific requirements. Order online today or call us on 0800 043 0161.

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