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CoSHH Cabinets

Cabtek Compliant Cabinets Since 1993

High quality, expertly fabricated CoSHH cabinets for the safe storage of hazardous substances in the workplace. Choose from a comprehensive range of cabinet and chest sizes for prompt UK wide delivery.


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If you're still browsing then our simple message is to dig a bit deeper into the product specifications of the different CoSHH cabinets on your shortlist.

There's lots of choice online and we appreciate one grey metal cabinet can look like the next. But they're not all the same.

It might not sound like much, but our CoSHH Cabinets are made here in the UK using 1.2mm and 0.9mm mild steel. You might see 0.9mm and 0.7mm quoted in other specifications, but more often than not there'll be no mention at all.

Our tallest CoSHH cabinet weighs in at 72kgs and is a simple indicator of its robust contruction and longevity. 

There's an attention to detail which sets our COSHH cabinets apart from flat pack wannabes and lightweight imposters!

Here's a look at how they measure up.

CoSHH Storage Cabinets

  • Our Coshh cabinets comply with all current standards and are built to last
  • The meet the performance requirements of DSEAR Approved Code of Practice
  • All Coshh cabinets & bins comply to HSG51 Storage of Flammable Liquids guidance
  • Seams and joints are fully welded throughout (not flat pack produced and rivited like inferior products)
  • All joints at corners are free from openings or gaps
  • Doors are reinforced to prevent distortion and to withstand the knocks and bumps of regular use
  • Doors / lids are close-fitting to the frame, securely sealing the unit when in closed position
  • Materials used provide a fire resistance of 30 minutes
  • All materials have a melting point greater than 750 degrees celcius
  • All materials used in manufacture are in accordance with BS476 parts 20 and 22 to achieve a 30 minute fire-resisting structure

Choose from our comprehensive range of UK manufactured CoSHH storage cabinets with rapid delivery across the UK.

If you're looking for custom sizes, we can help with that too and manufacture CoSHH cabinets to meet your specific requirements. Order online today or call us on 0800 043 0161.