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Two Door Hazardous Substance Storage Cabinets

Product code: 07-0133-1

DSEAR & HSG51 Compliant Cabinets

Cabtek Compliant Cabinets Since 1993

  • Choose from 7 cabinet heights in the drop down box opposite 1829mm is our best selling 6ft tall cabinet - all cabinets are 915mm wide and 457mm deep
  • Download our useful PDF with even more reasons to choose Cabtek Cabinets from SafetyBuyer
  • Delivery £6.95 per order* some surcharges apply which are added during checkout
  • Durable construction from 18 & 20 gauge steel with fully welded seams throughout
  • Not all cabinets are made equal - Certificate of Conformity shipped with each order
  • Finished yellow using high grade epoxy-polyester powder coating process for excellent durability
  • Fully welded shelves are adjustable in 25mm increments & designed to act as a spill trays for minor spillages ** See FAQ's for important consideration about shelves **
  • Cabinet base includes built-in sump for the safe collection of spillages ** See FAQ's for important consideration about sumps **
  • All doors are reinforced and close-fitting with 2-point locking and metal handles (2 x keys supplied)
  • Supplied fully assembled with flammable liquid warning labels
  • Shelves have a UDL / Safe load of 50kg, additional shelves available, scroll down to add to cart

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Hazardous Substance Storage Cabinets

Our range of Hazardous Substance Storage Cabinets comply with all current standards and are built to last. They offer safety compliance and value, without compromising on product quality. Here's how they measure up starting with our best selling 6ft cabinet.

Height   H x W x D in mm            No. Shelves      No. Doors      Sump Capacity     
6 feet  best seller!     1829mm (h) x 915mm (w) x 457mm (d)        3 2 50 Litres
5 feet 1524mm (h) x 915mm (w) x 457mm (d) 2 2 50 Litres
4 feet 1219mm (h) x 915mm (w) x 457mm (d) 2 2 50 Litres
3 feet 915mm (h) x 915mm (w) x 457mm (d) 1 2 21 Litres
2.5 feet 711mm (h) x 915mm (w) x 457mm (d) 1 2 21 Litres
2 feet 609mm (h) x 915mm (w) x 457mm (d) 1 2 21 Litres
1.5 feet 480mm (h) x 915mm (w) x 457mm (d) 1 2 21 Litres


Here's why our UK Manufactured Hazardous Substance Storage Cabinets are worth paying just a modest amount more than the cheapest variants you might see elsewhere!

  • Seams and joints are fully welded throughout (not flat pack produced and rivited like inferior products)
  • All joints at corners are free from openings or gaps
  • Doors are reinforced to prevent distortion and to withstand the knocks and bumps of regular use
  • Doors / lids are close-fitting to the frame, securely sealing the unit when in closed position
  • Materials used provide a fire resistance of 30 minutes
  • All materials have a melting point greater than 750 degrees celcius
  • Cabinets supplied with Flammable Liquid warning labels

All our Flammable / Hazardous Substance / COSHH / Acid / Pesticide cabinets meet the performance requirements of DSEAR ACoP L136 paragraphs 94-96 along with appendices A & B and paragraph 104.

All cabinets and bins comply to HSG51 Storage of Flammable Liquids guidance. Highly Flammable Liquids and Liquid Gases Regulations, section 5(1.D) and the guide to regulation No.5(17), together with the factory Inspectorates Certificate of Approval No.1 parts 3 and 4.

All materials used in manufacture are in accordance with BS476 parts 20 and 22 to achieve a 30 minute fire-resisting structure.


Additional Information

Delivery Delivery 7-10 days
Standard Manufactured to comply with Flammable & LPG Regulation 1972, HSG51 and DSEAR
Application Hazardous Substance
Sump Capacity 50 Litre
Number of Doors 2
Number of Shelves Varies - see table above
Weight 6ft Cabinet is 72kg
Type Floor Standing Cabinets

Product Faqs

Ask a Question

  • How many shelves are included in the 6ft cabinet

    If you click on the description tab, next to the specification & FAQ tab, you'll see a table of information showing the number of shelves included with each cabinet. For example, our best selling 6ft hazardous substance cabinet is supplied with 3 shelves. Additional shelves can be ordered.

    You can easily alter the position of your shelves, just by moving the shelving clips in 25mm increments.

    Did you know? Our shelves are fully welded (not folded) so they should be positioned in your cabinet lip side up, as they'll work as a drip tray to catch minor spills and drips from dropping onto the shelves below.

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  • Do your cabinets have a removable sump

    That's a common question we're asked. Our sumps are not removable and on our 6ft high cabinet, the sump is 150mm high with a 50-litre capacity. This provides a completely leak-proof base to all our cabinets, and removes the serious risk of someone potentially trying to remove the sump containing a hazardous liquid and accidentally spilling this over themselves or over others. Some cabinets from other manufacturers do have a removable sump, but this is something you would have to risk assess for yourself. Cabtek cabinets have high quality, fully welded sumps and for good reason.

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  • Why do some shelves have holes in them?

    Our shelves do not have holes in them. They are fully welded, powder coated and are designed to act as a spill trays. If a spill exceeds the capacity of the shelf, the spill will be captured in the integral sump / base of the cabinet. We are aware of some products on the market that have holes in the shelves, which would mean a spill on the top shelf would pour though to the shelves and products stored below, regardless of the size of the spill. You would need to decide which style of shelf is best for you, but our Cabtek cabinet shelves are completely hole free, and for a good reason!!

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£128.00 Ex VAT £153.60 Inc VAT

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