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be spill-prepared™

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As a leading ecospill distributor partner, SafetyBuyer is perfectly placed to provide you with more than just a comprehensive range of competitively priced, high-performance spill control products.

Guidance, technical support and environmental legislation expertise is right here for you too. Our Site Surveys & Training solutions offer you accessible and flexible on-site support to help you ensure fluids are being stored safely and you have the right plans in place to manage potential spills.

There’s a 'can do approach' ready to discuss your specific requirements today.

Being spill-prepared says a lot about your business. Not only does it say you take your responsibilities to the environment seriously, it also says that you take your employees welfare seriously too.

It’s all too easy to say that the necessary spill equipment has been purchased, but if it isn’t in the right place, or the people who need to respond first don’t know how to use it, then at the time you need them the most you could be found wanting. That’s no place to find yourself.

Free Site Surveys 

Take advantage of our comprehensive on-site survey and receive a professional written report that highlights any non-compliance in your fluid management systems, with clear recommendations on how you can comply with current regulations and best practice. 

Call us today on 0800 043 0161 to arrange your free, no obligation survey and put your business on the path to being spill-prepared. 

Training Courses

Give your employees the essential training and confidence to respond to a spill in a safe, professional manner. It’s training that can save lives, reputation and profits; and it can be delivered in a flexible way with minimum impact on your operational activities.

We offer 3 levels of training, all of which include a hands-on demonstration of how to use a spill kit, an introduction to the components of the spill kit and how they should be used.

  • Courses can be tailored to meet your specific needs and aligned with your internal policies and procedures
  • Multiple courses can be delivered on the same day to cater for larger numbers of staff
  • We provide all necessary spill kits and consumables for each course
  • We remove all waste materials at the end of the session

That's less hassle for you and no hidden costs to worry about.

At the end of our training courses attendees will receive a signed & dated certificate, to show they have successfully completed the course. An optional written test can also be incorporated into our training products to provide a record of each delegate’s knowledge in spill control.

We also request anonymous feedback from all our training sessions to help us ensure our sessions remain highly effective and continue to develop for specific industries and types of fluids that can be encountered. 

1 hour spill response training

Intermediate Spill Training Course

Advanced Spill Training Course

Environmental Management Systems Compliance

Our team of experienced technical advisors and training providers are extremely knowledgeable in all matters of environmental legislation, specifically ISO14001. We know what is and isn’t good practice and where basic errors can be made that could potentially have serious consequences.

Let us help your business or organisation avoid the pitfalls that can lead to damaged reputations, fines and the aftermath of a toxic or harmful spill.

Contact us today to discuss your training requirements or to request your free site survey.

Be spill-prepared™ with SafetyBuyer and ecospill

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