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Emergency Key Boxes

At SafetyBuyer, we have a range of emergency key boxes that provide access to restricted keys required to unlock fire exits in the event of an emergency.


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Fronted with either glass or plastic, and alarmed or non-alarmed, our key boxes keep emergency keys safe, visible and easy to reach.

Take a look at our range of products today, and if you think they would make your workplace a safer environment for you and your employees, add them to your basket. Remember, we offer a multi-buy discount and fast, competitive delivery options.

For more information or to discuss your specific requirements with our team of experts, call 0800 043 0161 or email sales@safetybuyer.com.

Our key boxes

If you are looking for a low cost key box, our non-alarmed key guard emergency key boxes are a good option. They are easy to fix to your chosen walls, and have a 'snatch-off' plastic window that doesn't require a hammer or tools to open.

However, our alarmed version, while slightly more expensive, comes with an integral 85dB alarm to deter misuse.

We also have plastic fronted key boxes, which are ideal for glass-sensitive environments, and glass fronted key boxes, which are typically a greater deterrent to those hoping to misuse the equipment.

Buy yours today

Improve the safety of your working environment today with our emergency key boxes. If you need more information, feel free to get in touch with the SafetyBuyer team. Call 0800 043 0161 or email sales@safetybuyer.com.