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Emergency Fire Escape Ladders

If you are looking for additional ways to protect your employees from the threat of fires, browse our range of portable emergency fire escape ladders today.


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Our emergency escape ladders

If you want to put in place additional protection for your workplace and your colleagues in the event of a fire, you should consider purchasing our emergency fire escape ladders, of which we stock two kinds.

Our 4.5m (15ft) emergency ladders quickly hook over window openings with a depth of up to 325mm and their tangle-free design makes them quick and easy to deploy. At 4.5m long, they are ideal for use on first storey level.

Alternatively, the 7.5m (25ft) ladders are suitable for use at second storey level and benefit from the same practical and robust design as the shorter ladders we have in stock.

Buy yours today

Don't leave the safety of your employees to chance. Purchase our emergency fire escape ladders today. If you need more information, feel free to get in touch with the SafetyBuyer team. Call 0800 043 0161 or email sales@safetybuyer.com.