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Connectable Polyurethane Spill Barrier Solution

Product code: 07-0560

Polyurethane Spill Barriers

Ideal for protecting drains during hazardous goods deliveries

  • Highly-flexible spill barrier with optional connection joints and corner pieces
  • 60mm x 60mm profile is larger / heavier than other lower priced alternatives and creates a higher and more robust barrier
  • Made from non-absorbent polyurethane for easy spill containment
  • Quick to deploy and provides essential protection for drains, machinery & stock
  • Supplied in 3m lengths, can be easily jointed to create longer lengths or cornered with additional parts
  • Resistant to oils & most chemicals
  • Can work on slopes and uneven surfaces
  • 60mm (w) x 60mm (h) x 3m lengths | Weight 10kg

*** Important information on use & storage ***

This flexible / 'tacky' to the touch spill barrier is not recommended to be deployed as a permanent product. It is designed to be used to protect drains during the delivery of hazardous materials to site. It should be cleaned and returned to its original packaging between uses so that it maintains its flexibility and performance. If exposed permanently to UV light and the elements it will lose it's flexibility and 'tacky' grip to the ground surface. 

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Polyurethane Spill Barriers

These heavy, yet flexible barriers have 'tacky' texture (without being overly sticky) helping the barriers to grip the floor surface and provide a secure seal around drains and work equipment. You could describe it somewhere between a giant wine gum and the tubs of alien slime children love (and parents don't mind because it doesn't make a mess). 


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3m Polyurethane Connectable Spill Barriers


£189.99 Ex VAT £227.99 Inc VAT

Connector Section for Polyurethane Spill Barrier


£19.19 Ex VAT £23.03 Inc VAT

Corner Section for Polyurethane Spill Barrier


£29.99 Ex VAT £35.99 Inc VAT

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