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DIRTEEZE Industrial Wipes

Dirteeze industrial wet wipes are ideal for removing semi-cured silicone sealants, expanding foam, decorators caulk, adhesives, water-based paints, oils, greases, general muck & grime and more. 


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Dirteeze trade wipes are made from a unique 'non-polypropylene' material, which delivers higher absorbency, a much softer feel and outstanding strength. They're seriously tough on dirt and grease, yet kinder to skin - so regular use won't cause irritation. 

They are dermatologically tested, anti-bacterial and feature added aloe vera to replace the moisture that other leading brands remove. 

With superior absorbency, strength, a re-usable nature and low lint properties it's a close call whether we should call them wipes at all, as they perform much more like cloths! What's not under any debate for sure, is their unique blend of viscose and polyester that helps to set them apart from ordinary polypropylene wipes.

Choose from 3 different finishes

Rough & Smooth 
Micro-beads on one side create a highly effective 'agitation effect' to lift stubborn dirt, leaving the smooth side to absorb and wipe away dirt and grease. Micro-beads are resin-based and will not scratch away at your surface - discover the new revolution in wipes.

Smooth & Strong
Woven texture improves flexibility, allowing dirt and grime to be removed from the smallest cracks and surface imperfections - great for fine cleaning tasks.

Glass & Plastic
Dryer & softer than other wet wipes, their excellent absorption and low smear formulation make them ideal for cleaning and finishing all smooth surfaces.

Which wipe is the right one for your application?

Compare our wipes in the table below and click on the product pages above for more information and to order next day delivery. 

The short manufacturer video shows some demonstrations, which you might find helpful in making your selection, but please don't hesitate to get in touch if you have any questions or require any further technical information. 

Delivery across the UK on our Dirteeze industrial wipes is fast and efficient. 

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