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What do the different colours and shapes of safety signs mean?

By Safety Buyer 9 days ago No comments

Safety signage represents an integral aspect of workplace health and safety practices, communicating vital warnings and information to everyone on-site in a visually impactful way. The colour and shape of each sign is a key part of that visual communication - but many might be unaware of exactly what purpose these design elements serve.

Feet first - making the right choices in safety footwear

By Kevin Rowe 3 months ago No comments

Investing in the right safety footwear should be considered an essential element of a comprehensive health and safety policy. In this blog, we explore why this is so important, and look at some of the questions you should be asking when purchasing safety footwear.

The importance of hearing protection in workplace safety

By Kevin Rowe 4 months ago No comments

Every business has a responsibility to assess potential hearing hazards in their workplace and provide the appropriate hearing protection equipment to keep workers safe. In this blog, we explore why this is so important, and look at some of the products available to solve the problem.

The most common causes of workplace injuries - and how to prevent them

By Kevin Rowe 4 months ago No comments

Some of the most prevalent causes of injuries in UK workplaces are also some of the easiest to prevent. In this blog, we consider some of the simple precautions that can be taken to reduce the number of these incidents to a bare minimum.

Five key considerations when investing in workwear and PPE

By Kevin Rowe 5 months ago No comments

Purchasing the right protective gear is essential to safeguard your staff against unavoidable risks during their work. In this blog, we examine five of the most important factors to consider to ensure your company is utilising PPE and workwear as effectively as possible.

The business benefits of good practice in health and safety

By Kevin Rowe 7 months ago No comments

Discover some of the key reasons why properly safeguarding your staff at work protects your commercial interests just as much as their personal wellbeing.

Should your staff commute in bad weather?

By Kevin Rowe 7 months ago No comments

Daily commutes can become a time-consuming and hazardous ordeal when the weather turns harsh. In this blog, we examine the steps your organisation can take to help staff navigate their commute in a safe manner, even in winter.

SafetyBuyer Partnership with Coffee4Craig

By Kevin Rowe 8 months ago No comments

Homelessness is an ongoing problem in Greater Manchester, and with the approach of winter, we reached out to Coffee4Craig to see what we could do to help.

The top five most dangerous jobs in the UK

By Kevin Rowe 9 months ago No comments

Working in any kind of professional environment carries with it a certain degree of risk, and no employer can realistically offer an ironclad guarantee of complete safety. In this blog, we examine the five most dangerous jobs in the UK, and look at the reasons why staff in these sectors still find themselves facing such a high degree of risk.

Five health and safety issues that are frequently overlooked

By Kevin Rowe 9 months ago No comments

No matter what kind of workplace you’re in charge of managing, health and safety is a responsibility that’s as complex as it is essential. In this blog, we’ve examined five of the most commonly overlooked workplace health and safety issues.