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Photoluminescent Safety Products: What You Need to Know

By Kevin Rowe 3 months ago No comments

When the lights go off, photoluminescent safety products play an essential role in keeping your workers safe. Equipment such as glow tapes and floor markers, or photoluminescent safety signs, are vital for highlighting the safest and most effective escape routes, preventing disorientation and potentially saving lives.

However, when shopping for these products, it can be hard to know what to look for. With a range of terminology in use (including glow-in-the-dark, nite glo, photolume and photoluminescent) and seemingly so many options to choose from, how can you be sure your product does what it’s supposed to?

What are the Legal Requirements Regarding Safety Signs?

By Kevin Rowe 5 months ago No comments

The responsible use of safety signs is an essential aspect of a legally compliant health and safety policy. Businesses generally understand this - but many would still benefit from brushing up on the specifics of the relevant legislation to make sure their policies are fit for purpose.

After all, the consequences for failing to properly follow the Health and Safety Executive’s rules on safety signage can be quite serious; it can lead to an increased risk of dangerous accidents, while making the company in question liable for fines and damaging headlines.

The Most Common Safety Sign Mistakes to Avoid

By Kevin Rowe 5 months ago No comments

Safety signs have been proven to be a highly effective way of highlighting occupational hazards and safe practices in busy workplaces, and represent a key element of any responsible business’s health and safety strategy. However, their effectiveness as a safety measure is very much dependent on correct usage.

To help your organisation avoid the negative consequences of poorly-utilised signs, here are a selection of some of the most common mistakes companies make when putting up safety signs

Why Are Safety Signs So Important?

By Kevin Rowe 5 months ago No comments

It's vital that those in charge of workplace safety spend some time thinking about why safety signs are so valuable, in order to make sure they are always being used properly.

In this article we discuss five of the main reasons why it's so important that safety signs are implemented properly through your workplace.

Where to put workplace safety signs

By Kevin Rowe 6 months ago No comments

The effectiveness of workplace safety signs depends largely on ensuring they are deployed in the right places, and for the right situations.

The specific needs of no two workplaces are exactly alike, meaning there are no hard and fast rules on exactly where to place signs, or how many need to be used. However, there are a few general guidelines that can help your business make the most of your safety signage, and keep your workforce well-informed and alert to potential danger wherever necessary.

What do the different colours and shapes of safety signs mean?

By Kevin Rowe 6 months ago No comments

Safety signage represents an integral aspect of workplace health and safety practices, communicating vital warnings and information to everyone on-site in a visually impactful way. The colour and shape of each sign is a key part of that visual communication - but many might be unaware of exactly what purpose these design elements serve.

Feet first - making the right choices in safety footwear

By Kevin Rowe 8 months ago No comments

Investing in the right safety footwear should be considered an essential element of a comprehensive health and safety policy. In this blog, we explore why this is so important, and look at some of the questions you should be asking when purchasing safety footwear.

The importance of hearing protection in workplace safety

By Kevin Rowe 10 months ago No comments

Every business has a responsibility to assess potential hearing hazards in their workplace and provide the appropriate hearing protection equipment to keep workers safe. In this blog, we explore why this is so important, and look at some of the products available to solve the problem.

The most common causes of workplace injuries - and how to prevent them

By Kevin Rowe 10 months ago No comments

Some of the most prevalent causes of injuries in UK workplaces are also some of the easiest to prevent. In this blog, we consider some of the simple precautions that can be taken to reduce the number of these incidents to a bare minimum.

Five key considerations when investing in workwear and PPE

By Kevin Rowe 11 months ago No comments

Purchasing the right protective gear is essential to safeguard your staff against unavoidable risks during their work. In this blog, we examine five of the most important factors to consider to ensure your company is utilising PPE and workwear as effectively as possible.